"Point That Thing Somewhere Else" - the Clean

RIP Peter Gutteridge, who penned one of the Clean’s best songs, and would later form another seminal Kiwi band, the Chills.

As dreamcrusher Kansas’ Luwayne Glass paints in broad, maximalist strokes that reference some of the common elements shared by certain strains of noise. While harsh music (or non music) of any ilk is by its very nature unconventional or confrontational, Glass reaches for element of IDM and shoegaze to soften the edges. The result on “Memories” is a dense, atmospheric track that revels not in any fatalistic darkness, but in a blown-out, celebratory burst of light.


"Braindead" - Laughboy


"Terminal:Eternal" - Platinum Collar


"No Cops" - Gag

Fejhed is comprised of Frederikke Hoffemeier (Puce Mary) and Jesse Sanes (Hoax). “Drinking Spit” is fairly emblematic of what the duo can accomplish in a single piece; sparse, pulsing compositions that are both eerily distant and suffocatingly close.