"Braindead" - Laughboy


"Terminal:Eternal" - Platinum Collar


"No Cops" - Gag

Fejhed is comprised of Frederikke Hoffemeier (Puce Mary) and Jesse Sanes (Hoax). “Drinking Spit” is fairly emblematic of what the duo can accomplish in a single piece; sparse, pulsing compositions that are both eerily distant and suffocatingly close.

"Don’t Stand Up" - Surgical Renaissance

Damien Dubrovnik, live at Home Sweet Home, NYC. Filmed by Rob Brulinski.

"I.Q. 32" was once the rallying cry of Midwest hardcore as a whole, but now we’ve got bands like Indianapolis’ CC Murder Dogs creepin’ out of the Rust Belt lowering the intelligence quotient even further, and it rules. Slam or don’t, ya cretin.

I recently had the fortune of experiencing firsthand some of what the Chondritic Sound label has to offer at the kickoff for their summer tour. Recollections of Shredded Nerve and Redrot’s performances are burned firmly into my synapses, not only for their sheer volume and depth of exploration, but also for the level of performance at which each act continues to operate. This was especially evident during the collaborative set with Brad Griggs and Breaking the Will, wherein each artists’ respective style manifested itself in such a physical manner that it seemed almost athletic.